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The Portugal golden visa program is an investment based residency program that lays out a clear path for families to move and settle down in Portugal over a defined period of time.

Portugal golden visa is one of the simplest and most transparent ways of becoming a European citizen. The Portugal golden visa is a residency by investment scheme for non-EU citizens. Golden visa investors are eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years.

  • Single investment: 3-generation program
  • Amount of Investment: Minimum 280,000 Euros
  • Minimum stay requirement: only 7 days per year.
  • Documentation: simple documentation process.
  • Temporary residency: in 6 months.
  • PR/Citizenship: EU citizenship after 5 years.

Portugal – The European Paradise.

Getting Portugal residency is a gateway to living your dream life in Europe.

Portugal Golden Visa

·        3rd safest country in the world

·        6th strongest passport in the world

·        Best country in Europe for expatriates

·        6th lowest cost of living in Europe

·        Pleasant Mediterranean climate.

·        12th for quality of health care in the world – WHO

·        Access to 187 countries- E-visa or visa upon arrived

·        PR/ Citizenship, EU citizenship after5 years

·        Access to EU universities- top-class education

·        Subsidized tertiary education and scholarships.

·        Business and trade with any EU country without any additional permits

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Program requirements

Main Applicant

  • 18 Years of age
  • Good health with no criminal records
  • Successfully pass due diligence checks
  • Confirmed investment sources.

Eligibility for dependents

  • Spouse of the main applicant
  • Children (biological or adopted) under 18 years of age.
  • Dependent parents 
  • The expected time frame for the application process is 6 months.
  • The first stage of document collection can differ in length depending on the applicant’s ability to gather the documents.
  • Our team will guide the all process with prompt advice.
  • The reviewed stage is subject to the respective government schedule.

Steps to Portugal permanent residency

  • Passport copy for government pre-approval
  • Down payment of professional fees to open your application
  • We will assist and advise with the collection of the documents required in the checklist.
  • The investor will then visit Portugal in order to make the necessary investment in real-estate, fixed deposit or business development. During this visit, the investor will do the biometric too.
  • Once the investor returns to his home country, the funds required for the purchase should be transferred to his/ her bank account in Portugal.
  • Once the purchase of property is completed and the registration is done (which generally takes 3-5 working days) the documents are submitted for the residency applications together with the residency processing fees paid to immigration services.
  • Once the residency application is submitted, the immigration services generally approves it within 3-4 weeks.
  • After payment of the processing fee, we start processing the residency cards.
  • Visit Portugal for 1 week a year for 5 years to fulfill the residency requirements.