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Study Visa New Zealand

New Zealand Business Visa

New Zealand is renowned for reputed and internationally acclaimed higher education providers. If your main purpose of the visit is studying in New Zealand, then you should require a study visa New Zealand. To get a study visa you need to prove that you have enough cash to meet your living expenses throughout your stay.

To study in New Zealand the applicant must comply with particular rules and requirements. A student visa allows the applicant to study in New Zealand for a set forth period at a specified institution as a full-time student.

The immigration office would check the genuineness of the applicant before they approve the student visa.

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Canada Study Visa Process

In order to Study in Canada, every student must secure a Canadian Student Visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The amount of International students currently residing in Canada is over 30000, which serve as a catalyst for the vast number of Permanent Residency and Work Permit approvals.

To be eligible to apply for a Canada student permit, a student must obtain a standardized written offer letter. This letter is obtained from any of the Higher education provider based in Canada. The higher education provider is listed under Designated Learning institutions (DLI) list accredited by CIC.

Student Visa Australia

Australia offers many study programs. In order to Study in Australia, every student must secure an Australian Student Visa from Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), Australia. A successful applicant must prove that he/she is meeting the Australian Student Visa benchmark requirements. These are Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement, Proof of Funds, English Proficiency Requirements, Health and Character standards. Australian Educational Institutions who offer educational courses to International Students must be registered with Australian Government. International Students who are living in Australia has access to subsidized student health cover benefits and get a permission for Part-Time Employment.

Also, they have the eligibility to apply for Australian Permanent Residency after their graduation.


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