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Portugal Nomad Visa

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Portugal Normad Visa is a special type of visa that allows foreigners to legally stay in Portugal and live in the country, especially while doing remote work.

Digital Normds are remote workers who travel and work in different countries, They often live a nomadic lifestyle and use technology to complete their work responsibilities. Using the devices such as smartphones and laptops, Digital Nomads can work in coffee shops, public libraries, or even from the comfort of their home.


Portugal Nomad Visa

Types of Nomad Visa

There are two types of visas under Digital Nomad

The Temporary Stay Visa.

This type of visa is perfect for those who do not seek permanent residency but wish to live in Portugal for an extended period. The Temporary stay visa is valid for 1 year and can be renewed for 2 years. To procure this visa, One must prove that they are earning a monthly income of 3040 euros.

The Residency Visa.

This type of visa is for those who are looking to stay in Portugal for more than one year., once a temporary residence visa is received, one can apply for a Permanent Residency permit to be extended after two years and can be renewed over 3 years.

To obtain this visa, for those who are under subordinate work, one must submit their work contract, Declaration by the employer confirming the labor link & for those who are under independent professional activity, they should submit a Society contract, contract of services provision & minimum guaranty remuneration of 3040 euros.

Visa Requirement

Before starting this visa application, one needs to consider the following general requirement 

  • A Portugal NIF Number (Tax ID No).
  • Need to open a Portugese Bank Account.
  • Need to prove Financial self-sufficiency.
  • Need Proof of Accommodation.
  • Need Full Health Insurance.
  • Need four months return travel ticket.
  • Need a clean criminal record.
  • You are required to meet a minimum monthly salary of €3040.

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