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The Passive Income Visa

Portugal D7 Visa is a residence permit program for passive income holders & retirees.

Reliance immigration services takes pride in their success stories for Portugal D7 Visa.  We have a full-fledged professional team operating successfully for D7 program. We have competent lawyers based in Portugal to assist us in every step of the process.

Under D7 Visa, you can migrate to Portugal with zero investment. The D7 visa allows foreigners (non-EU/EEA ) citizens to enter Portugal for the purpose of obtaining TRP (temporary residence permit) based  on a proven passive income from retirement pension, rent from real estate, returns from investment etc. Also if you have a stable recurring income, or if you are able to work remotely for an employer outside of Portugal, you could be eligible to apply. The D7 visa allows foreign  citizens who wish to reside in Portugal as retirees or live on their own income regardless of age. 

The D7 Visa is a alternative route to obtain Portuguese residence at lower governmental fees, with a quicker approval rate, for those who intend to live in Portugal. 

Who can apply?

Non-EU/EEA citizens who desire to relocate to Portugal and carry out a professional activity remotely from anywhere / or are retired and are entitled to a pension and/ or are living from personal revenue such as returns from bank account savings, rents, dividends. The D7 visa is ideal for those who have passive income.

With the D7 you must demonstrate that you have sufficient passive income coming into your bank account to live in Portugal, which must be at least as much as the Portuguese minimum wage.

The amount of available passive income is a crucial factor for the success of the application.  The application should be backed up with  relevant bank statements.

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  • Live in Portugal, reunification with family members.
  • Work, and have access to public schools and universities.
  • Free Education for children below 18 years.
  • Flexibility in stay options.
  • One can have own business or be a Freelancer or Work full time.
  • One can Invest in business.
  • Travel access to all EU countries.
  • Free Visas/ Visas on arrival to 180+ countries in the world.
  • Have access to the Portuguese Social Security System.
  • Health Care & Life Insurance.
  • Use the courts of law and access the Portuguese laws.
  • Tax Exemption.

Portugal D7 (Passive Income) Requirements