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Portugal d2 visa

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The D2 Visa is a Portugal residency Visa for entrepreneurs. To get a D2 Visa the applicant must open a new company or buy an already working business or its share. A D2 visa may be issued to foreign nationals from countries outside the European Union wishing to pursue an independent professional activity. The main objective of this visa is to raise external resources to develop the Portuguese economy . You must have a solid business plan. Your business plan will be evaluated in terms of its economic, social, scientific, technological, and cultural relevance. The D2 visa has no limitation on the type of business you decide to launch in Portugal. It could be anything from a cafe, restaurant, or guest house to tech start-up or an import or export business. You can even set up a Portuguese branch of your existing foreign business.

Portugal D2 Visa

Who can apply?

The D2 visa is open to non-EU/EEA citizens who:

  • Either want to start a business in Portugal
  • Or already have a business in Portugal but have not yet applied for a visa.

Applicants who are eligible should be Entrepreneurs, independent professional, start-ups, investors, company owners, shareholders, partner, Board of directors, branch owners and share-holder partners and directors.

Requirement for the D2 visa

For D2 Visa you must  meet all the requirements that are set by the Portuguese government.  Your application will be thoroughly and carefully reviewed by experts.

 So you must have

  • A solid well-structured business plan
  • A viable business
  • Sufficient capital
  • Solid business reasoning for the creation of the business.
  • Proof of the financial resources to support the setup and growth of the business.

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  • Official registration with Reliance Immigration Services.
  • Hand over your documents to your personal case manager.
  • Your case manager will cross-verify the documents submitted
  • Personal bank opening in Portugal
  • Company formation
  • Company tax number application
  • Company bank opening
  • Visa submission
  • The process will be briefed to you and taken care of by the case manager in a timely and orderly manner.

Family Members & Dependents

You can apply for a family reunification visa to bring your spouse, your children and your parents (Considered  dependents) to Portugal after receiving your residency card for the D2 visa.

You must demonstrate that you not only have the financial resources to support yourself, but also your family member.