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Canada Work Permit Eligibility Pre-requisites, fees for Indians

Canada Work permit

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Over 1 million job vacancies available in Canada More than 600,000 Canada work permits issued in 2022 Potential to earn an average salary of CAD 50,000 to 60,000 Flexible work regulations for Skilled Workers Opportunity to work 40 hours per week Benefit from 25 paid leaves annually Average hourly wages increased by 7.5%


A Canada Work Permit is granted to eligible applicants who meet specific criteria. Individuals should apply for a Work Visa once they have received a job offer or an employment contract from a Canadian employer. The employer needs to secure a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada), which allows them to hire foreign skilled workers for positions that cannot be filled by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Canada, a global economic leader, is an ideal destination for those seeking overseas work opportunities. The Canadian Work Permit Visa offers a pathway for foreign nationals aspiring to establish their careers in Canada on a permanent basis. Generally, applicants require a job offer to apply for a Canada work permit. Through Y-Axis’ comprehensive international career solutions, we assist you in job search and facilitate the application process for a Canadian Work Visa.

Requirements for Canada Work Permit

Achieve a minimum of 67 out of 100 points on Canada points Grid.
Obtain an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report.
Provide IELTS/PTE score results.
Possess 1-2 years of relevant work experience.
Hold a valid job offer from a Canadian employer Possess a valid passport with more than 6 months of validity.
Show proof of funds.
Obtain medical insurance.
Present a police verification certificate.
PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) nomination (optional).

Eligibility for Canada Work Permit

Irrespective of the specific work permit you’re applying for, certain eligibility criteria must be met, which include:

Positive LMIA-backed job offer from a Canadian employer
Minimum of 2 years of work experience
Scoring a minimum of 67 points on the Canada points calculator
ECA report verification
Valid academic credentials
CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) score of 5 or IELTS score of 6.5.

Canada Work Permit Application Process

In order to initiate the processing of your Canada Work Permit, it’s essential to adhere to the following steps:

  1. Step into eligibility verification using the Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.
  2. Obtain your Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
  3. Compile the checklist encompassing all necessary requirements.
  4. Complete the application for the Canada Work Permit.
  5. Commence work and establish your presence in Canada.

Processing Duration for Canada Work Permit

The processing duration of a Canada Work Permit ranges between 5 to 6 months for individuals applying from overseas. This timeline varies based on the specific type of work permit you opt to pursue. Notably, the Canadian government extends immigration privileges to family members through the dependent work permit category.

If you secure a job offer from a Canadian employer and acquire an open work permit, you may have the opportunity to bring your spouse and children along to Canada. This open work permit for you allows your children to access Canadian educational institutions without the need for separate study permits. Furthermore, your spouse can also apply for an open work permit, enabling them to seek employment within Canada.

Applying for Employment Opportunities in Canada

Currently, there are one million job vacancies in Canada that have remained unfilled for a duration of three months. The following table provides insights into the most sought-after occupations in Canada, including their corresponding average salaries.
Occupation Average Salary range in CAD
Sales Representative $52,000 to $64,000
Accountant $63,000 to $75,000
Engineering Project Manager $74,000 to $92,000
Business Analyst $73,000 to $87,000
IT Project Manager $92,000 to $114,000
Account Manager $75,000 to $92,000
Software Engineer $83,000 to $99,000
Human Resources $59,000 to $71,000
Customer Service Representative $37,000 to $43,000
Administrative Assistant $37,000 to $46,000


VARIETIES OF CANADA WORK PERMITS In Canada, there exist seven distinct categories of work permits along with various visa options for individuals seeking employment opportunities. These work permits encompass:

  1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  2. Intra-Company Transfers
  3. LMIA Required
  4. LMIA Exempt
  5. Business Visitors
  6. IEC Canada
  7. Post-Graduation Work Permits
  8. Open Work Permits.

LMIA in Canada

The Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) holds significance for individuals aspiring to work in Canada. A positive LMIA report serves as a gateway to the Canadian job market. Applicants are required to go through the application process managed by Employment and Social Development Canada and Service Canada.

Canadian Open Work Permit

With a Canadian open work permit, you gain the freedom to be employed by any Canadian employer, except those entities failing to meet labor regulations or involved in specific services like escort, erotic massage, or exotic dancing.

An employer-specific work permit, as its name implies, restricts you to work exclusively for a designated employer. In contrast, an open work permit can come with specific conditions, which are detailed on the permit. These conditions encompass:

  1. Nature of work.
  2. Authorized work locations.
  3. Work duration.

Holders of the subsequent visa categories are eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit:

  1. Spousal Open Work Permit
  2. Temporary Work Permits for spouses
  3. Post-Graduation Work Permit
  4. Temporary Resident Permit
  5. World Youth Program Permit
  6. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit
  7. Regular Open Work Permit
  8. Bridging Open Work Permit

Conditions for the open work permit encompass:

  1. Proof of sufficient financial resources to sustain you and your family during your permitted work period in Canada.
  2. Demonstration of a clean criminal record.
  3. Confirmation of good health.
  4. Commitment to adhere to the permit’s conditions, even if they are restrictive.
  5. Fulfillment of eligibility criteria such as language proficiency, biometric data, and insurance coverage.

IEC Canada

International Experience Canada (IEC), commonly known as IEC, offers individuals the chance to travel and work within Canada for a period of up to 2 years. The program encompasses three distinct work and travel opportunities in Canada, which are as follows:

  1. Working Holiday
  2. Young Professionals
  3. International Co-op (Internship)


In 2022, Canada granted an impressive total of 608,420 work permits, presenting a significant avenue for foreign workers aspiring to enhance their lives. Under the Canada Work Permit Visa, you can:

  1. Engage in employment within Canada under the specific employer listed in your work permit application.
  2. Relocate with your family.
  3. Opt for an expedited pathway to settle in Canada.
  4. Invest in Indian Rupees and earn in Canadian Dollars (CAD).
  5. Explore various regions across Canada.
  6. Access retirement benefits.
  7. Enjoy the perks of free healthcare services.
  8. Apply for a Permanent Residency (PR) visa based on your eligibility.

How Can Reliance Immigration Services Assist You?

Reliance Immigration Services comprises a team of committed and proficient experts equipped with contemporary skills in the realm of immigration. At Reliance, our utmost endeavor is to provide you and your dear ones with the most optimal prospects for success during your visa application journey, thereby translating your migration aspirations into reality.

Leave the arduous task of case filing and documentation to us, while you enjoy a stress-free experience. With our adept legal professionals and interactive case management team, we streamline the process, ensuring your convenience. Our primary objective is to assist our clients in achieving their immigration or work permit approval-related goals.

Our suite of Immigration Services includes:

  1. Complimentary consultation and counseling.
  2. Assessment of eligibility.
  3. Comprehensive filing and documentation for the application process.
  4. Expert handling of visa filing upon approval.

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