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Canada has revealed a new passport design that incorporates cutting-edge security features.

Canada Passport change

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The Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration unveil the New Canadian Passport.

The Canadian passport holds immense global recognition and is considered one of the most influential travel documents. It serves as a means for some to reunite with their dear ones, explore new territories, and seek adventures, while for others, it symbolizes the culmination of their immigration process and the beginning of their journey as Canadian citizens, joining a multicultural and tolerant community that upholds democratic values, freedom, and human rights.

With an upgraded appearance and state-of-the-art security measures, it has also undergone a complete redesign, ensuring that it remains one of the most trustworthy and widely recognized travel documents worldwide, accessible to all Canadians. Additionally, new artwork has been incorporated into the design.

To ensure the protection of Canadians’ identities, it also incorporates cutting-edge security measures, including a polycarbonate data page that employs technology comparable to Canada’s driver’s licenses. Personal details of passport holders are now laser-engraved instead of being printed with ink, rendering the data page more robust and less prone to tampering or forgery. The passport also boasts a Kinegram overlaying the primary photo, a customized see-through window containing a secondary image of the passport holder, a variable laser image, and a heat-sensitive ink feature.

The characteristics of the new Canadian passport are as follows:

The newly redesigned Canadian passport incorporates a range of advanced security features to safeguard your identity from cover to cover. Along with updating the cover design, the visa pages now feature stunning images of Canada’s natural beauty, and images of the country’s people, landscapes, and wildlife that are only visible under ultraviolet light have been added.

It is worth noting that you may receive either the new or old version of the passport, depending on when you apply. Nonetheless, both versions are secure and trustworthy, so there is no need to renew your passport early to guarantee its acceptance as a valid travel document.

The latest passport design incorporates both novel artistic elements and advanced security features.

To heighten the security of your passport, The passport has incorporated a series of new features, such as an upgraded, tamper-resistant data page, metallic foils in the form of a maple leaf on the covers, and a debossed maple leaf on the back. Additionally, we have included color-shifting ink in the shape of a deer and snowflake on the inside of the front cover, as well as a visible passport chip and antenna on the opposite page. These features serve to authenticate your passport and ensure the confidentiality of your data.

The page containing your personal information is constructed of polycarbonate material, which has a longer lifespan and is less prone to water damage than the previous version. Notably, your personal information is now laser-engraved on the page instead of being printed in ink, offering greater durability and protection against tampering. Moreover, the page features a kinegram that changes colors and appears to move as you view it from different angles, and your photograph and date of birth appear and disappear depending on the viewing angle.

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