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Master’s Degree Holders Qualify for a 3-Year Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada

3 year work permit for master degree holders in Canada

Master’s Degree Holders Qualify for a 3-year Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada Effective immediately, international students enrolled in master’s programs lasting less than two years are now eligible for a three-year post-graduation work permit (PGWP). Previously, the duration of the PGWP was tied to the length of the study program. However, recognizing the potential of […]

New Immigration Program: Alberta’s Tourism and Hospitality Stream

Alberta Tourism and Hospitality stream

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Suspends Alberta Opportunity Stream Applications Effective February 15, the AAIP has paused the processing of applications for the Alberta Opportunity Stream until further notice. The decision comes as the program aims to manage its existing application backlog and strategically allocate immigration nominations to sectors experiencing labor shortages, including healthcare, technology, […]

Top 6 Australian Immigration Agency In Dubai, UAE

Top 6 Australian Immigration Agency in Dubai uae

According to a UN report evaluating economic, educational, and life expectancy metrics, Australia has secured the esteemed second position worldwide for its exceptional quality of life. Renowned for offering lucrative salaries to skilled professionals and boasting world-class healthcare and education systems, it stands as the preferred destination for skilled migrants. While Australia continues to allure […]

UK Self Sponsorship Visa 2024: Path to Permanent Residency#

UK Self Sponsorship visa 2024

What is the UK self-sponsorship visa offer? Self-sponsorship isn’t a distinct visa category in the UK; instead, it’s a method for business owners to reside in the UK while operating their active trading business. This typically involves obtaining a Skilled Worker visa and securing a sponsor license for their UK-based business. Essentially, it entails sponsoring […]

Intra-Company Transfer Canada [2024] Expand Your Business

Canada ICT

The Canadian immigration system offers various avenues for business immigration, with the Intra Company Transfer (ICT) program being particularly beneficial for foreign business owners aiming to expand into Canada. Below, you’ll find comprehensive details on the ICT program, covering its requirements, advantages, application process, and pathways to permanent residency. Understanding Intra-Company Transfer (ICT): The ICT […]

Eligibility Criteria for the Start-Up Visa Program in Canada

Canada Start-up visa

To qualify for the Start-Up Visa Program, you must meet the following criteria: 1. Have a Qualifying Business: Create a business that satisfies specific conditions. At the time of commitment from a designated organization, each applicant must hold 10% or more of the voting rights, and collectively, they should hold over 50% of the total […]

A Comprehensive Guide for Single Parent Immigration Journey to Canada

single parent canada immigration

Embarking on the Journey to Canada as a Single Parent: A Comprehensive Guide Before initiating the immigration process to Canada as a single parent, it is crucial to be well-informed about key considerations. Determining Eligibility for Single-Parent Immigration Upon deciding to relocate to Canada, the first step is to assess eligibility for various Canadian immigration […]

10 Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE 2024 ⭐

10 immigration consultant in Dubai UAE

Exploring Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE: Reliance Immigration Services Offers Insight and Top 10 Picks Are you on the hunt for the finest immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE, or tired of navigating through numerous profiles? A2W Consultants has curated a list of certified immigration experts to streamline your search. If you find yourself uncertain about […]

4 Compelling Reasons Foreign Workers Love Working in Canada

Canada Foreign workers

Work Opportunities in Canada In today’s interconnected world, an increasing number of foreign workers are opting for Canada as their preferred destination for employment. With its inclusive society, robust economy, and diverse opportunities, Canada offers a welcoming environment for professionals seeking new horizons. This article explores the top four reasons why foreign workers are attracted […]

Surging Demand for Healthcare Professionals in Canada via Express Entry

Canada Healthcare Professionals

Canada Takes Major Steps to Address Healthcare Labor Market Needs in 2024 In 2023, Canada is actively addressing its labor market needs, particularly in the healthcare sector, through category-based draws in the Express Entry system. This blog explores why Canada is focusing on healthcare professionals, the demand for them, and the promising prospects for potential […]